Westerly Hills

Length: 4.5 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

One of Beech Mountain’s newer areas to explore is Westerly Hills. Originally roughed in for development, these gravel roadways offer 4.5 miles of undisturbed beauty with easy grades and wooded scenery.

When snow covers this area, the trail is great for cross country skiing. In Spring and Summer ride your mountain bike or hike and enjoy the wildflowers. Fall is a great time to hit this trail to witness incredible colors as the many Poplars, Maples and Beeches change during the season.

There are two access points for this trail. From the Canterwood entry point you are near the trail’s small loop section which includes an easy climb up Ridge Rock Road. The loop is about a mile. If you use the Gumtree Road Access you will proceed to Westbowl Road. From there, turn left and go south for one half a mile. This takes you within hearing distance of a waterfall, just east of the end of the trail. Following the trail, the distance between the Canterwood and Gumtree Access points is about a mile. Hike or bike the trails in either direction, just make sure to note your starting access point.


Westerly Hills Hiking Trail - Beech Mountain

Biking Information

This trail is a great ride for those who are looking to get in a few miles and enjoy nature at its finest. You can park right at the trail head and be on the bike immediately. This trail is off the beaten path and great for a solitary ride.