Road Biking on Beech Mountain

Welcome to Beech Mountain, Eastern America’s highest town at 5,506 feet in elevation. Here you can follow the route of Lance Armstrong and the Tour Du Pont, or enjoy miles of great riding on the town’s paved bike routes.

Annually, hundreds of cyclists ascend the south side of the mountain from Banner Elk to the site of the former Tour Du Pont finish line. A climb in elevation of 1,400 feet in three and a half miles, the Beech Mountain Parkway offers a fantastic route most of the year. Once on Beech, a variety of great cycling awaits you with the town’s designated routes totaling over 50 miles.

All routes begin at the Visitor Center adjacent to Town Hall. As you embark on your ride you will retrace routes used by Lance Armstrong when he trained here on the mountain. While most routes are through residential neighborhoods, others will take you by Buckeye Lake and the town’s 23,000 square foot Recreation Center. Traffic is usually minimal and Beech’s town-wide 25 mph speed limit is a positive for cyclists.

Test your climbing legs by ascending the south side of the mountain and picking up anyone or any combination of the routes listed below.roadbiking