Smoketree Trail

Length: 1.8 miles
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

This 1.8 mile, easy to moderate trail connects Beech Mountain Parkway to Pinnacle Ridge Road. The trail is an almost level pathway through the woods filled with Maple, Beech, Mountain Magnolias and Hemlock trees. Blackberries abound along the trail and can be picked in late July and early August. With only an elevation change of less than 300 feet, this trail is perfect for hiking, biking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Midway through this trail you will see a small waterfall that feeds into Buckeye Creek, which flows into Buckeye Lake, becoming the mountains water supply. It’s not unusual to have a white tail deer cross the trail in front of you. Listen carefully for the many sounds of the woods as you hike. Woodpeckers tapping on a tree and the cry of a red tail hawk are often heard.

Midway along the trail you will connect for a short while with Mill Pond Lane. Be sure to watch the trail markings along the way. From Mill Pond Lane the trail follows into Woodland Road, then on to the Pinnacle Ridge Road Trail head.


Smoketree Trail - Beech Mountain

Biking Information

One of the longer gravel road trails on Beech Mountain, Smoketree is a downhill cruise that you cna link to several other trails and make your way to Buckeye Recreation Center.