Lower Pond Creek Trail

Length: 1 mile
Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced

This trailhead is located at Lake Coffey near the end of the Upper Pond Creek Trail and has an elevation change of 418 feet. One of the most strenuous trails on the mountain due to the steep terrain, this trail follows Pond Creek. It is great trail for individuals looking for a good challenge.

This is a single track-walking trail that leads through the woods down to Locust Ridge Road, a distance of one mile. This trail showcases Beech Mountain’s greatest natural beauty. Water cascading over rocks and huge boulders create small pools and waterfalls that will make your hike well worth the effort.

Native trout can be found in some of the pools along the creek. Old hemlock trees reach for the sky from this gorge and there are many great spots on the rocks along the way for a picnic or just sitting and enjoying nature at its very best.

While this trail is somewhat rugged and a little difficult in places, most healthy individuals in moderate shape will find it very negotiable. An adult should always accompany children. Do not attempt to slide on the rocks or swim in the small pool, they could prove to be dangerous. For those wanting to make a one-way hike, you can station a car at the bottom of this trail on Locust Ridge Road.


Hiking Trail - Beech Mountain