Hiking Trails

Hiking is one of the most popular sports on Beech Mountain. Beech Mountain Hiking TrailsWe have hikes for all ages and abilities. Hikers enjoy watching the trees and flowers bloom in the spring and the cool mountain summer breezes. Not to be out done, fall displays one of the most beautiful palettes anyone can imagine, and it’s all available free to the hiker! You can even hike in the winter using snowshoes! Hiking is the easiest way to commune with the great outdoors.

For more detailed information about each of Beech Mountain’s wonderful hiking trails, click on the “Trails at a Glance” link on the left

Trail maps are available for a $1.00 at the Buckeye Recreation Center, Visitor’s Center, or Fred’s General Mercantile for specific information on each individual trail.

Quick Safety Tips

  • Bring water and snacks along for a nice break.
  • Check the Buckeye website or call for suggested trails or activities.
  • Check the Kiosks at each trailhead for detailed trail information.
  • Pick up a trail map or other information before you go.
  • Make sure everyone has the appropriate clothing and foot ware for your adventure.
  • Check the weather conditions prior to going out on your adventure.
  • Bring items like sunscreen, hats, extra socks, cameras and backpacks.
  • Let someone know where you are headed and estimated time you will be back.
  • If you have one, take along a mini-first aid kit.
  • Make sure the adventure is age appropriate for your children.
  • Make sure that all family members have a way to contact each other in case you are separated.
  • Find out the amenities available on the trail or at the facility you will be visiting.
  • ave fun and please feel free to contact Buckeye for help planning your adventure.