Hiking Trails – History and Wildlife

Beech Mountain Hiking Trails

As you hike the trails of Beech Mountain, you will follow pathways that wild animals often followed over and over, before the first human set foot on Beech, to find water, mineral licks or the easiest path from their wooded hide-a-ways into the open fields where they grazed on lush vegetation.

Ruffed GrouseBeech Mountain wildlife is often visible and offers a real variety from white-tailed deer to wild turkey in the woods, brook trout to salamanders in the streams, and red-tailed hawks to Carolina junco in the air. You almost always see something special as you hike Beech Mountain. A Beech Mountain bird list is available at Fred’s General Mercantile.

Our list of often observed wildlife includes: white-tailed deer, red fox, groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, skunks, red-tailed hawks, black bear (seldom, but occasionally), beaver, chipmunks, red squirrels, ruffed grouse, wood ducks and many song birds.

Remember, when hiking the trails of Beech Mountain to keep your eyes open and your voices down and chances are pretty good you will see something special.

Please remember to keep your pets on a leash when hiking so that the wildlife can be seen.

As you may already know if you have seen the posted signs, it is illegal to discharge any firearm, crossbow, or bow and arrow within the town limits.